Expert Witness Case Study

Manchester based former partner Simon Andrew recently attended court as an Expert Witness in a particularly acrimonious dispute between two former business partners over the valuation of two residential properties in south Manchester. The two former partners had been in dispute for several years and were, unfortunately, unable to resolve their differences.

Simon and another Manchester based surveyor were requested to provide retrospective valuations of each property. The valuation of one of these properties was made more complex by the fact that it had been refurbished by one of the parties without the knowledge of the other.

Simon and his opposite number both inspected the properties and provided an opinion of value. The two values provided differed, in one case quite significantly.

Meetings were held between the surveyors who were able to agree a compromise valuation on one of the properties but not the other. The difference in value was £70,000.

In light of this substantial difference in value, the matter proceeded to court. Simon spent 90 minutes in the witness box being cross examined.

The Judge agreed with Simon’s valuation.

Afterwards, Simon commented that whilst it was a stressful experience, particularly before going to court as the solicitors for the other side put him under considerable pressure, he is pleased that the court agreed with his opinion of value and that his client was able to receive the proper market value of the property to which he was entitled.


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