Scanlans have for over thirty years specialised in the valuation and appraisal of development land on behalf of lending institutions, purchasers/developers and housing associations.

We have extensive experience of valuing land for development purposes, whether it is for residential or commercial development. Valuations of this type are complex, requiring the input of a substantial amount of data. We have the expertise to assess the most appropriate input figures having regard to the market in the locality concerned, proximity to amenities and characteristics of the site.

Advice provided to clients can relate to the funding for the development of a single dwelling or a large scale scheme being constructed by a national developer. We have provided advice to lenders on schemes where in excess of 100 units were to be constructed.

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Section 106 agreements are forms of planning obligation authorised by the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. They are legal agreements between the local planning authority and the land owner/developer.

The agreements aim to balance the extra pressure created by a new development with improvements to ensure it makes a positive contribution to the local area and community. The agreement requires the land owner/developer to undertake a positive act or it can restrict what can be done with the land following the grant of planning permission.

With the difficult market conditions that prevail, Section 106 Agreements are increasingly becoming the subject of negotiation. Our development surveyors are able to work on behalf of the client/developer to minimise the effect of these agreements or the local planning authority where the Section 106 Agreement is being challenged.

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We undertake project monitoring, primarily on the instruction of lending institutions in respect of development schemes.

The scope of the instruction is normally a two stage process. The initial report covers details of the proposed development together with a review of the statutory consents, as well as a report upon the development costs and means of procurement. We also consider CDM Regulations and site specific reports.

Once the development commences, we will visit the site on a regular basis in order to provide work in progress valuations.

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